Cédric's reading was impeccable! I was blown away with the detail in description and what he was seeing! From the very beginning! He understood my Soul Type, Akashic Record, my ancestry in this life (that was the mind-blowing part!), my physical and emotional Achilles heels, & what every part of my life had been like!

Vanessa - Houston, TX

Wow What do you say about a person who can tell you so much about yourself and your journey in life through their amazing insights and ability translate them to you Cédric is truly an amazing intuitive and gets to the heart and soul of what I needed to see and do to change my life.

Mike - Bend, OR

I can not begin to express, how impressed I am with Cedric’s gift! He is a very kind and giving, with his time. I felt lightness and good heartedness, thru his reading. He is such the "real deal"!! Wish everyone could experience his gift! Thank you so much Cedric. The best and most accurate reading, for me, ever.

Sheena - Springdale, AK